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By: Tosha Woronov


Well I did it. I learned to knit. Marcy and May, two cuties at Stitch Cafe, taught me in about 45 minutes how to make a scarf.

Here it is, so far.
I love doing it, I love that my fingers and 2 sticks are actually making something a person could (but probably will not want to) wear.

But I would not call this relaxing. How do you find the time?
“Ok, Leo, I will play with you as soon as I finish this scarf. It will only take 7 or 8 weeks.”
I thought I could knit while watching a movie with Pete, but every time I looked up at the screen I would screw something up (which is very stressful. I was not taught how to fix mistakes, only to not make them).

I also cannot imagine how to make anything other than a scarf. I fantasize about making a hat –or gloves! Fingers must be a real bitch.

Marcy said the ball of yarn with which I knit is enough for one scarf, but I have no idea what happens when I get to the end of the ball.

This might be it, my one knit wonder.

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