The Children's Section

By: Brandy Black

Goddaddy Justin and Sophia

So as promised I went to my local library and researched the children’s books for children with gay parents. I had addressed this in a previous post Always Learning because a fellow reader of The Next Family told me that in Seattle the children’s books for gay families are in the adult section. I am proud to report that Los Angeles Public Library keeps these books in the Juvenile (Children’s) section. I was pleased to find this out but the selection was very limited. There were only 3 books available at the branch I went to. I have since decided to compile a list to give to my local librarian in hopes that they will consider enhancing their selection.
Here is my list- send me comments if you can think of anymore:

And Tango Makes Three
King and King
Heather Has Two Moms
One Dad, Two Dad, Brown Dad, Blue Dad
Emma and Meesha My Boy
Mum and Mum Are Getting Married
Mommy, Mama and Me
Oh The Things Mommies Do

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