Have I Mentioned That I Want Chickens?

By: Jillian Lauren

I’m lucky enough to have an incredibly talented friend like Austin Young to shoot my author photo. He’s dreamy. And so tall and handsome, too. And he has pet chickens. The first picture is me with Austin, Trevor Wayne and the chickens. The second is me with Raina Antle (a hairdresser I befriended and stole from the band at the last video shoot) and Helen the chicken.

Trevor was modeling for the cover of Frontiers after I left. For his shoot, he wore a Louis Vuitton jock strap with suspenders. We arm wrestled to decide who would get to wear it, but he won. Damn him.

When I got home, I launched into my trillionth campaign to get Scott to let me have chickens. The verdict: no way, no how, no chickens. No chickens. No chickens. No chickens. Then he proposed building an Ultimate Fighting octagon in the backyard instead.


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