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By: Brandy Black
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My heart is pounding and my stomach is throbbing…it could be the coffee I gulped down this morning having had a late date with my wife last night. Though sadly I don’t think it has to do with my morning “pick me up” but rather with two bits of news I just read. First being, the new law proposed in Uganda that wants to put gay and lesbian people to death for having sex and could even send relatives and friends to jail if they don’t turn gay people in…it goes on and as I write I can’t complete the sentences without aching inside. This is despicable. I read a blog by “Kathy Belge” this morning and as a matter of conversation she asks the question “Do you think that could happen here?” I can’t even begin to explain how shocking the question is to me. I could read no further. As a mom and a wife living around friends and neighbors who support and adore us (and if they don’t, I don’t know about it) I can’t even fathom something so horrifying happening in this country.

The second news bit that made me spit my coffee at my computer was an article regarding San Francisco schools phasing out gay friendly curriculum due to the overwhelming reaction of religious “traditional” families. “This has torn apart our community” states Trish Herrara Spencer, the board member most opposed to gay curriculum. She said the board’s latest action did not take into consideration “the strong beliefs” of all in the community. Do you think she has taken into consideration the children that are being bullied and tormented? Children, people, children!! These folks anger me to the core; they would rather teach hate to their kids than educate them on how to accept and (I choke as I say) “tolerate”. I promise I’ll teach Sophia how to “tolerate” them although it will be tough.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my morning breakfast…

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