Milk and Cookies – Love and Pride

Milk and Cookies

By: Brandy Black
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Today it rained. I have been longing for this day to come. You see, living in Los Angeles, you don’t get many of these days and I have been waiting to show my daughter what raindrops feel like. I wanted her to experience slashing around in rain boots and pulling your hood over your head to dash from the car to the house. I wanted her to fall asleep to the song of the rain, tapping hard on our roof and against our windows. This is what every good Seattle girl craves. I’m one of few people I know that loves waking up to an overcast, “70% chance of rain” day. I know I shouldn’t inflict my likes and dislikes on my daughter but I can’t help but want this for her. Today was my shining day. We played in the drizzle that paid us a visit in the park this morning. We watched the windshield wipers clean the drops across the windows. Dibble Dibble Dibble Dopp.

We came home, the house was gray and we sat on the bed with Susan (mom) and took 48 pictures from the photo booth on our Mac – this was my version of a game since we’re not yet ready for Monopoly. We made cookies and drank milk and watched the first 10 minutes of Miracle on 34th Street and my daughter learned the word “Santa”. It was my perfect rainy day.
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