Storybook Land – Love and Pride

Storybook Land

By: Brandy Black

I cooked my first turkey this year. This is a big deal coming from an ex-vegetarian with a flex-a-tarian wife. We screeched and screamed our way through the prepping stages and I think I washed my hands 100 times- they are shriveled and dry now, but…. the turkey was a success. Or at least my guests didn’t complain. So I do believe the basting every 20 minutes for 4 hours (yes it was 17 pounds) was worth it.

We also started our own family tradition. Ordinarily the “Black family” always find snow the day after Thanksgiving. We will sled or ski or just sit in a lodge and sip cocoa, but we are determined to seek the cold white fluffy stuff that makes you feel like the holidays are here. This is especially important for us Californians who can only rely on synthetic snow to boost our Christmas spirits. So…the Black-Howards (Susan, Sophia and me) have continued this tradition and have this year, upped the ante…Disneyland! It wasn’t intentional. We actually got tickets as an extended activity from a wedding we attended on Friday. We almost skipped it but the bride (who was beautiful at the wedding-congrats Amy) convinced us that Disneyland would be decked out with holiday joy. She was right! For a girl who likes to submerge herself in the hallmark holidays (we’ve gone through this before), Disneyland is the place to be. Christmas trees and holiday lights were around every corner and there was a holiday parade that ended with a perfectly suited Santa waving to my jaw-dropped daughter. It was pure joy and surprisingly Sophia couldn’t get enough of all of it. Here I was worried about the experience being wasted on a toddler.
“Ride! Ride! Mama”
“Mickey Mom. Mickey”
“Ice CREAM!”
It was a wonderful holiday weekend for all. Now I fear my wife will never jingle another bell again and Sophia will forever carry around her Mickey Mouse balloon, deflated or not.
S and Mickey

My own storybook note: I didn’t hit the November deadline for National Novel Month- I made it to 25,000 words but I will finish it!

On another note: My wife just launched the best children’s CD, check it out on our products page. I’m so proud of her!

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