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By: Brandy Black
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I had a moment of weakness today, the kind that makes you crumble inside. I was reading my daughter “And Tango Makes Three”, a beautiful book based on a true story about 2 boy penguins in the Central Park Zoo –Roy and Silo –that fell in love and had a baby penguin. I cry every time I read this story to Sophia. Today, when I read the words “Roy and Silo are different from the others”, my heart sank. We are a little bit different. My daughter will grow up hearing those sentiments from the world around her. I ache, my knees are weak and I can’t stop my tears. It hurts me, not that I’m gay and not that my daughter has 2 moms, but that the world at large doesn’t agree with our family. I understand why it must have been hard for my mom to swallow that I’m gay. Not that she showed it, she was more than supportive, she was a cheerleader (both of my parents were), but she later admitted it was hard. I remember thinking hard, what’s so hard, that I didn’t fit into the mold that you had pictured for me? But now I get it. It’s difficult to accept that your child may face adversity – for being gay, for having gay parents, for being of a certain color…it’s hard. It will never be easy for me to accept that my daughter will have to learn that the world can be cruel. The world has decided we are different and I long for the day when that won’t be.

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