Are You Up For A Challenge?

By: Brandy Black

Susan dragged me to a class in Silverlake a couple years ago called Writing Pad. I was adamantly against it at first. I don’t consider myself a writer. She pushed and pushed, bribing me with the delicious treats advertised to be a part of our 2 hour classes. I finally gave in as I had no good excuses not to try it. After the first class I cried in the car ride home. I was embarrassed that I had to read my awful writing out loud. I was in awe of all of the other beautiful writers and couldn’t believe I was daring to sit in class with them.

6 weeks later I graduated from “So you want to be a writer” and was addicted. I didn’t care what I wrote, I just wanted to express myself on paper. Shortly after, I put together a literary show –Chi Chi’s Word Parlor -with a couple other producers. It seems that whether I like it or not, writing is in my blood.

Now I’ve really done it. I may have pushed myself too far. In support of another blogger Lacitymom I have decided that I too will sign up for National Novel Writing Month in November. This means 50,000 words, one novel, one month.

Let me explain how I came to the decision aside from total whimsy. I’ve wanted to document my thoughts, my aches, my pains, and my joy, for my daughter and grandchildren to someday read. My grandmother wrote a book called the “Indispensables”; I always thought it amazing that she actually wrote a novel. She has a legacy of sorts out there in the world. I don’t necessarily have the same aspirations, but I’d love to
have a complete work of me for me. My mother has been sending hand written letters to my daughter since she was born. They are beautiful morsels of her heart and I cherish them. What stops all of us from sitting down and documenting the amazing memories that we have for our loved ones around us? Is it time? Is it insecurity that nothing will come out? I invite you to consider taking a month to write for yourself- your novel. Maybe I just feel I need some friends out there that can get me through yet another challenge. Are you up for it?
Will you join me in the fun?

I might be crazy. I may have a breakdown, with the many things I have on my calendar for November. But my plan is simple:

30 minutes a day

50,000 words in a month

No editing

No re-reading

Just pure literary abandon!

*Let me know if you are joining me and I’l be sure to check in with you along the way.

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