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Dear I.Y.A.M.

My partner Barry and I are having a boy. We are now at 29 weeks and getting more excited. We had an ultrasound last Monday and everything looks good.

Our surrogate is doing great. I keep reading articles about things to make her pregnancy more comfortable. Is there anything we could get her as a gift that you think would be helpful? I figure you know more about such things.

Thanks for any tips.


Dear Mike,
What a sweetheart you are and how exciting. Your surrogate is lucky to have such caring Daddies to be.
I am going to recommend a pregnancy massage. Most places are familiar with the specifics of this. Some even have a special table with a hole for the belly so she can lay face down. Just remember she can’t get in the hot tub (well, maybe just her feet).
Some women like a body pillow that you straddle in bed (don’t let your mind wander there) for low back and hip support. I like the Snoogle body pillow, the Boomerest, or the Snoozer. You can find the Snoozer on The Next Family resources page.
A gift certificate for a maternity store (Pea in the Pod, Target or Gap) is always good so she can buy some comfy jeans with the stretchy waist, the kind we all wish we had after a Thanksgiving Dinner.
Now you two get some rest –you will need it!

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