Top 25 Things I’ve Noticed About Having A Wife

The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

1. When you are married to a woman and you have a “girls’ night out” with your friends- your wife is automatically invited. That has its positives and negatives.
2. When you get in fights, you are BOTH sensitive.
3. It’s impossible to have a short conversation on the phone.
4. You will always have a shopping buddy and she will always tell you if your butt looks good.
5. You both want to decorate the house.
6. You are both paranoid about your child getting hurt.
7. You will always have a spa buddy to chat with in the hot tub.
8. Men’s wives are never jealous of you so you can hang out with everyone (there are some rare exceptions to this statement).
9. You are never deficient of romantic gifts on holidays.
10. You can share your clothes (for the most part).
11. The closet(s) never have enough room in them.
12. Shoes take over your life.
13. One bathroom is not enough
14. Football is rarely on TV
15. You never have to watch gory war movies or thrillers (unless they get rave reviews)
16. Scary movies are out of the picture
17. You must have a handyman
18. The men in your life always find the need to take care of you (if it weren’t for this, we would never change the air filter for our AC).
19. Mechanics screw you over.
20. You can share your make up.
21. The house smells nice.
22. That time of the month is twice as bad.
23. You get double the candles and cookbooks.
24. You have two wedding dresses from which daughter can choose.
25. You save every card, letter or note from your significant other.

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