IVF: My Regimen – Love and Pride

IVF: My Regimen

By: Rosy Barren
shots of wheatgrass for infertility

My daily regime:
I began my shots and although my hands drip in sweat every time I tap the medicine into the syringe, it really isn’t as painful as I had imagined. I actually feel sort of tough and strong and empowered, the way I would assume one feels when getting a tattoo. I’ve become a member of a new club, one that fights for what they want and won’t stop until they get the child they long for. I have a daily regimen:
8AM- Fertility tea with one spoonful of royal jelly
BREAKFAST: Hard boiled egg and grapefruit picked fresh from my tree
Noon: A healthy lunch with lots of protein
5PM- 2 shots, one of Lupron and one of Follistim.
7PM- A walk to the Jamba Juice down the street to take a shot of wheatgrass with an orange slice on the side
And none of the following throughout my day: exercise, coffee or alcohol.
Do you know how hard it is to go through all of this and not allow yourself a drink or caffeine to balance out the fear, anxiety or excitement of this whole process? I must admit, I think I’m as healthy as I can get.

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