Gay Couple Could Become The 1st to Have a Child With New Zealand’s Official Surrogate System


Mark Edwards and Christian Newman are an engaged Auckland couple who want to start a family through surrogacy, and if they do so, they could be the first gay couple to have a child using New Zealand’s official surrogate system. It’s only been since December 2013 that New Zealand changed their laws to allow single men and gay couples to use IVF surrogacy, whereas before, it was only available to women with reproductive issues.

The couple has been together for 10 years and have been discussing having a child for half those years. They even tried going through the adoption process but found it complicated for them and so they turned to their second option, surrogacy.

To find a surrogate, the couple turned to Facebook. Titled, “Baby Daddies looking for Kiwi Surrogate” the post discusses what Edwards and Newman are looking for in a surrogate and shares a bit about themselves, such as Edwards works for a baby product company, Edwards & Co., and how the couple loves to travel and exercise. The couple asked that their friends to share the post with people that might be interested in helping them make a family.

Edwards and Newman would like to find someone “who is healthy, a non-smoker and will be doing it for the right reasons.”


At the end of the post, the couple asked trolls to move on from expressing any negativity on their decision to make a family: “For those people that are too narrow minded to understand our desire to have kids, please refrain from posting your ignorant & negative thoughts.”

Since they posted their surrogate post on Facebook, it has received 569 likes, 38 shares, and 145 positive comments! The comments range from support for their fatherhood journey to women open to the idea of becoming their surrogate. With the great feedback they’ve received, we can’t imagine that this couple won’t be “baby daddies” soon!

Check out the Facebook post below:

Hi everyone!We are excited for 2016…as our plan is to start a family and we’re hoping you can help.A little about…

Posted by Baby Daddies looking for Kiwi Surrogate on Wednesday, January 13, 2016



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