New Arizona Bill Could Give Same-Sex Couples Equal Adoption Rights


Currently in Arizona, the law states that judges should give homes with a man and a woman preference in adoption cases over same-sex couples or single individuals. However, Senator Steve Farley introduced a bill that would change the law and effectively drop the “mother and father” aspect of the adoption law, making adoption an equal playing field for all individuals in the state.

This law is important for many reasons, though the most pressing reason is that there are close to 19,000 kids in Arizona’s foster care system who need homes.

The “Preference Law,” as the media has called it, might not even be put into practice that often. Some judges have ignored the “mother and father” stipulation and have allowed some same-sex couples to adopt in Arizona, however, that doesn’t mean that same-sex couples might not be discriminated against in the future or currently if the law remains on the books. Furthermore, the current law could be discouraging hundreds or thousands of prospective parents from trying to adopt, which would be a shame and an injustice to the children of Arizona, whom the court has sworn to protect, take care of, and find a home for.

Thankfully, Project Jigsaw and many other groups are working hard to make this newly introduced bill a reality.

Watch the news clip below for more information. You might recognize the two gay dads, Kevin and David, who we’ve featured in our Spotlight Series in the past.

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