Portrait of a Teenager as a Preschooler on Instagram

By: Amber Leventry

Kids and Instagram posts

My daughter will be five in a couple of weeks, though lately I’m convinced she will be turning 15. Door slamming, screaming, name calling, declarations of injustice and her dislike for me and her other mama have made me wonder where we went wrong as parents. What happened to our sweet baby girl? I’m sure it’s just a developmentally appropriate phase or proof that parenting doesn’t get any easier. The veterans tell me parenting just becomes challenging in new ways.

But until she snaps out of whatever is causing her to be such a dumpster fire, I can’t help but wonder what she will be like as a teenager. My vision of a respectful academic and athletic all-star who volunteers in the community and exemplifies gratitude and affection for her family has been replaced with Ally Sheedy’s character in The Breakfast Club.

Eva’s current mood and latest string of Instagram posts indicate darker emotions with a flair for indie artistry. I am suddenly fearful of a hormonal, life is so unfair, puberty ridden teen who wants nothing more than to listen to her music, write in her diary, and make collages out of the notes we pass under her bedroom door in an effort to communicate.

Here are 10 posts that make me wary.


Mad Face

Fancy Shoes








@elsaloveslionking is only four going on 15, so you can’t really follow her on Instagram. But you can follow her mama @amberleventry.

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