Parenting Hacks: Dining Out With Kids

The Next Family

By Alex Temblador

Any parent with children understands that taking children out to eat can sometimes be an entire event in itself, so the moms at The Next Family decided to help you out.

In their new YouTube video, “Parenting Hacks: Dining Out With Kids,” Brandy Black and Susan Howard take their three children out to eat and provide parents with some interesting and silly ways to keep children entertained while parents enjoy their meal.

First and foremost, you could bring a lot of toys that will surely annoy the waitress…



Or perhaps, invite a friend? It’s like a babysitter — at dinner.




When the other patrons at the nearby tables get mad, because, oh, they’ll get mad…




…throw them a few dollars to make it up.


Don’t forget to encourage your kids to say “excuse me” if you bring a bike to dinner to keep them occupied.


Sitting at another table is also a smart parenting hack. It’s almost as if you’re children aren’t there…




And if all else fails, The Next Family says to bring a pinata. Yeah, a pinata!




The Next Family moms must know what they are talking about; they do have three kids! Check out the great video below for the most creative parenting hacks for taking children to a restaurant.


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