Honey Maid Celebrates Love in LGBT, Adoptive Families in New Ad

Though most Valentine’s Day commercials feature loving couples, Honey Maid went a different route this year. They celebrated love, but love that is found through the acceptance of family members in LGBT and adoptive families.

The video is a compilation of home videos showing love between family. There’s the mother who accepts her son’s coming out and another one who tells her trans child that she would do anything for them. We also see the interracial, adoptive family — two boys who share that they are brothers, and adorably explain how they don’t understand how people are confused by that. There’s even the adopted man that says thank you to his biological parents for putting him up for adoption.

Honey Maid has always put together beautiful videos of love, family, and acceptance but this one has to be one of our favorites. Check out the video below and be reminded that the love between family members is a precious and beautiful gift.


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