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Fun Ways to Share Black History Month With Your Kids (And Why You Should)

The problem with Black History Month is that only a portion of Americans think that it applies to them. That’s incorrect. Black History Month is the history of African Americans in the United States – that part of history is the history of all Americans. Though we may not have lived during slavery or even the Civil Rights movement, those events in history have made our society what it is today. It is my history, your history, the world’s history. Though you may not be of African American heritage, that does not mean that African American history is still not a part of your identity as an American.

We should all celebrate Black History Month and remember the great black leaders and events of our country. The best way to do that as a parent? Share America’s African American history with your children, because that history is their history.

Though some schools or teachers have a few activities about Black History Month planned, there are wonderful ways as a parent that you can introduce African American history to your children in ways that they will enjoy, respond to, and remember.


How many times do your children watch movies or cartoons in the car, on an iPad, waiting in line at the doctor’s office, or before they go to bed? What if there were engaging cartoons or videos for your children that also imparted aspects of African American history? There are! Even if you don’t show all of these videos to your children all year long, showing your children some of these during Black History Month will reinforce what children may already be learning at school.

Here’s a few of our favorites.

African American Leaders

This video shows Harriet Tubman’s story like a full cartoon.


One YouTube channel has 25 videos about Black History Month, many of them sharing the stories of famous African American leaders.

Click here to check out the other videos in this series.

Global Wonders has some wonderful short clips for Black History Month. The company focuses on teaching children about other cultures and history. These might be your children’s favorites as it features cute cartoon children learning about history and different cultures.

Kids Reenact Black Leaders

What makes this video so great is that it has children talking about Black history leaders. Your children will be able to relate to these children on screen and learn a bit about Black History Month. (We also love the children’s cute voice overs of major Civil Rights’ events!)


Books are wonderful ways to introduce your children to Black History Month! Take a trip to your local library and check out a few of these or ask the librarians for some suggestions. We especially love the recently published book about the Loving family who fought for interracial marriage!







(This one was one of my favorites as a young girl!)


Play a Game

Did you know that there are African American history games online? PBS Kids, African American World has one! Check it out and see how much fun your kids can have learning about history. National Geographic also has an interactive game that allows kids and teens to go on the Underground Railroad as  if they were a slave running to freedom.


Go to a museum

Many museums will have exhibits in honor of Black History Month. Better yet, there are a ton of museums that are all about African American history. What’s more fun than a trip to the museum with the entire family where your children can also learn so much about their American history? Here’s a list of museums all across the U.S. that are devoted to African American history. However, rest assured that you probably live near a museum that will have a special exhibit during this month that you can take your children to.

Name City State Founded References
A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum Chicago Illinois 1995 [10]
African American Civil War Memorial Museum Washington D.C. 1999 [11]
African American Firefighter Museum Los Angeles California 1997 [12] Fire Station No. 30 (African American Firefighters Museum).jpg
African American Multicultural Museum Scottsdale Arizona 2005 [13]
African American Museum Dallas Texas 1974 [14] Dallas African American Museum 1.jpg
African American Museum and Library at Oakland Oakland California 1994 [15] African American Museum and Library at Oakland (2008).jpg
African American Museum in Cleveland, The Cleveland Ohio 1956 [8] Afommus.jpg
African American Museum in Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1976 [16] African American Museum in Phila.jpg
African American Museum of Iowa Cedar Rapids Iowa 2003 [17] African American Museum of Iowa.jpg
African American Museum of Nassau County Hempstead New York 1970 [18]
African American Museum of the Arts DeLand Florida 1994 [19] Deland AAMA01.jpg
Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum Jersey City New Jersey 1984 [20] Greenville Library n museum 1841 JFKB jeh.jpg
Alabama State Black Archives Research Center and Museum Huntsville Alabama 1990 [21]
Alexandria Black History Museum Alexandria Virginia 1987 [22]
America’s Black Holocaust Museum Milwaukee Wisconsin 1988 [23] America's Black Holocaust Museum.jpg
Anacostia Museum Washington D.C. 1967 [24] Anacostia-Museum B&W.jpg
Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum Lynchburg Virginia 1977 [25]
Arthur “Smokestack” Hardy Fire Museum Baltimore Maryland 1995 [26]
August Wilson Center for African American Culture Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 2006 [27]
Baton Rouge African American Museum Baton Rouge Louisiana 2001 [28] African American Museum, Baton Rouge.jpg
Banneker-Douglass Museum Annapolis Maryland 1984 [29] Mt Moriah Jul 09.JPG
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Birmingham Alabama 1992 [30] Sixteenth Street Baptist Church section of the Milestone exhibition gallery in the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.jpg
Black American West Museum & Heritage Center Denver, Colorado Colorado 1971 [31]
Black History 101 Mobile Museum Detroit Michigan 1995 [32]
Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia Richmond Virginia 1988 [33]
Bontemps African American Museum Alexandria Louisiana 1988 [34]
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site Topeka Kansas 2004 [35]
Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston Texas 2000 [36]
California African American Museum Los Angeles California 1981 [37]
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History Detroit Michigan 1965 [38] Museum of African American History.jpg
Clemson Area African American Museum Clemson South Carolina 2010 [39] Clemson Area African American Museum.jpg
Creole Heritage Folk Life Center Opelousas Louisiana 1970s (early) [40]
Delta Cultural Center Helena Arkansas 1991 [41]
Dorchester Academy and Museum Midway Georgia 2004 [42]
Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American History Museum St. Petersburg Florida 2006 [43]
DuSable Museum of African American History Chicago Illinois 1960 [8] The DuSable Museum.jpg
Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Washington D.C. 1962 [44] Frederick Douglass House.jpg
George Washington Carver Museum, The Tuskegee Alabama 1941 [45]
George Washington Carver Museum Phoenix Arizona 1980 [46]
George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center Austin Texas 1980 [47]
Great Blacks in Wax Museum Baltimore Maryland 1983 [48]
Great Plains Black History Museum Omaha Nebraska 1975 [49] Webster Telephone Exchange-Afro-American Museum, North Omaha.jpg
Harvey B. Gantt Center Charlotte North Carolina 1974 [50]
Idaho Black History Museum Boise Idaho 1995 [51]
International African American Museum Charleston South Carolina 2019 (anticipated) [52]
International Civil Rights Center and Museum Greensboro North Carolina 2010 [53]
Isaac Scott Hathaway Museum at Lexington History Center Lexington Kentucky 2002 [54] Lexington History Center, (old Fayette County Kentucky courthouse).jpg
John E. Rogers African American Cultural Center Hartford Connecticut 1991 [55]
John G. Riley Center/Museum of African American History and Culture Tallahassee Florida 1996 [56] Tallahassee FL Riley House02.jpg
Kansas African-American Museum Wichita Kansas 1997 [57]
L.E. Coleman African-American Museum Halifax County, Virginia Virginia 2005 [58]
LaVilla Museum Jacksonville Florida 1999 [59]
Legacy Museum of African American History Lynchburg Virginia 2000 [60]
Louisiana African American Heritage Trail Various locations Louisiana 2008 [61]
Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site Visitors Center Atlanta Georgia 1996 [62]
Mary McLeod Bethune Home Daytona Beach Florida 1956 [63] Daytona Beach Bethune house02.jpg
Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site Washington D.C. 1979 [64] Mary McLeod Bethune Council House.jpg
Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum Culver City California 2010 [65]
Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Jackson Mississippi 2017 [66][67]
Mosaic Templars Cultural Center Little Rock Arkansas 2008 [68]
Muhammad Ali Center Louisville Kentucky 2005 [69] AliCenter.jpg
Museum of African American History & Abiel Smith School Boston Massachusetts 1964 [70] Abiel Smith School.jpg
Museum of the African Diaspora San Francisco California 2005 [71] Museum of the African Diaspora.jpg
National African American Archives and Museum Mobile Alabama 1992 National African American Archives Mobile.JPG
National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center Wilberforce Ohio 1987 [72]
National Center for Civil and Human Rights Atlanta Georgia 2014 [66]
National Center of Afro-American Artists Roxbury Massachusetts 1969 [73]
National Civil Rights Museum Memphis Tennessee 1991 [74]
National Museum of African American History and Culture Washington D.C. 2015 [75] NMAAHC construction sign - 2012-02-24.jpg
National Museum of African American Music Nashville Tennessee 2013 [76]
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Cincinnati Ohio 2004 [77] NationalUndergroundRailroadFreedomCenter.jpg
National Voting Rights Museum Selma Alabama 1991
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Kansas City Missouri 1990 [78] Nlbmandjazz.jpg
New Orleans African American Museum New Orleans Louisiana 1988 [79] MeilleurGoldthwaiteHouseFrontB.jpg
Nicodemus National Historic Site Nicodemus Kansas 1996 [80] Nicodemus.JPG
Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum Monroe Louisiana 1994 [81]
Northwest African American Museum Seattle Washington 2008 [82] Seattle - NAAM 05.jpg
Old Dillard Museum Fort Lauderdale Florida 1995 [83] Ft Laud FL Old Dillard High School01.jpg
Oran Z’s Black Facts and Wax Museum Los Angeles California 2000 [84]
Paul R. Jones Collection of African American Art Newark Delaware 2004 [85]
Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History & Culture Baltimore Maryland 2005 [86]
River Road African American Museum Donaldsonville Louisiana 1994 [87]
Slave Mart Museum Charleston South Carolina 1938 [88] Old-slave-mart-facade-sc1.jpg
Smith-Robertson Museum and Cultural Center Jackson Mississippi 1984 [89]
St. Rita’s Black History Museum New Smyrna Beach Florida 1999 New Smyrna Saint Rita Mission.jpg
Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center and Museum Tallahassee Florida 1976 [90] CarnegieLibraryTLH.JPG
Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum Hammond Louisiana 2005 [91] Tangipahoa African-American Heritage Museum 2010Jan16.JPG
Tubman African American Museum Macon Georgia 1981 [92]
Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site Tuskegee Alabama 2008 [93] Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site.JPG
Weeksville Heritage Center Brooklyn New York 2005 [94]
Wells’ Built Museum Orlando Florida 2009 Orlando Wellsbuilt Hotel01.jpg
Whitney Plantation St. John the Baptist Parish Louisiana 2014 [95] WhitneyPlantation11.JPG

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