Family-Friendly Films That Feature Adoption and Foster Care

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Families and the way they were formed cannot be fit into one tiny box. With that said, we want to see our own types of families in the news, on TV, in pop culture, featured in advertisements, and even in movies.

It’s especially important for children to see themselves and their families featured in things like films. It makes them proud of who they are, where they came from, and their loving family. For that reason, we decided to create a list of wonderful family-friendly films that feature adoption and foster care. We want your children to see their family and themselves on screen and be proud of who they are!

So grab some popcorn, a couch, and a cozy blanket. Your family movie night will be set for the next month or so!

(Scroll your mouse over the film for a description!)


Featured Photo by Michael Cramer

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