Meet Georgia’s 24-Year-Old Queer Legislator Taking on Anti-LGBT Bills

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Park Cannon may be only 24, but she has her sights set on changing the world, starting with her own state, Georgia.

Cannon was elected to the Georgian House of Representatives this week as a representative of District 58 in Atlanta. She replaces Representative Simone Bell who was the first African American lesbian in Georgia’s state legislature.

Cannon’s new appointment brings a fresh face and voice to Georgia. She will tell you,  “I have locked hair. I identify as queer. I grew up in a single parent household that was shaped by domestic violence. I love my middle class multi-generational home. I grew up with celebrities’ kids and kids who went home to no lights. I was even homeless for a semester in college.”

She hopes to use her experiences that have helped form her identity to fight Georgia’s most recent anti-LGBT bill, the Religious Freedom Bill, which lets faith-based organizations discriminate against LGBT people. It passed on the day she was sworn in and she was unable to lend her voice to fight the passing of the bill.

Still, it doesn’t seem to dissuade Cannon from moving forward with her fight. She’s also interested in working toward protecting women’s reproductive rights.

Cannon just may be the new, fresh voice that Georgia needs:

“I think that where you come from and what you have seen along the way matters, as we are made of these experiences. There is not ONE District 58 – there is a rainbow of experiences and needs. There is not ONE Georgia – there is a sea of working families and small businesses that need a voice.”

Check out the video below to learn more about Park Cannon.

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