10 Gay Parenting Memes. Finally.

By: Amber Leventry

There are many examples, usually told through modern day story telling written as a meme, of the trials and triumphs of being a parent. Parenting rigidity decreases while sleep deprivation increases with each child; chaos is the new normal; our kids would rather throw their food than eat it, and we are fine with the new meaning of cleanliness. Gay and straight parents can laugh at the same jokes, because the truth and love of parenting is universal.

But what isn’t the same between all parents is how our families are made and who is doing the parenting. The new normal of modern parents and families has changed, yet most images, assumptions, and even viral threads showcase a married woman and her husband. It’s hard to find a good meme about talking to your kids about their sperm donor. Or even ones that poke fun at the challenges of gay parenting. So I created some using my personal photos and images found on imgur.com.

Frozen Sperm Success

CqVXeAo - Imgur

Rainbow Cake

pAj2mOe - Imgur


jf4v7QH - Imgur

p3ocVRO - Imgur

PlujKnt - Imgur

YCGmknT - Imgur

I Have Two Moms

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Amber Leventry

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