Dad Makes Awesome Stormtrooper Costume For His Star Wars Loving Daughter


Father Jim Brock saw an online post last year that showed people how to make a Stormtrooper costume out of a children’s toy sold at Walmart. As a guy who’d made his own pretty awesome costumes in the past, he decided to try out the article and make this Stormtrooper costume for his daughter who just so happens to love Kylo Ren.

Four-year-old Autumn was pretty excited about the idea, but she had just one request. She wanted it to be pink.

So Brock put together the suit and it looked awesome! It’s no surprise that his daughter loved it! Or that it caught the eye of Kylo Ren at the NWI Comic Con in Indiana last week which the father and daughter attended.

“She was pretty happy,” Brock told Huffington Post.


Brock later posted a picture of his awesome daughter in her adorable Star Wars costume and it has received some amazing feedback. We especially love the other photos submitted in the comments section of other daughters in their adorable Stormtrooper and Boba Fett costumes.




What did Brock have to say about the positive feedback from his daughter’s awesome costume?

“I feel pretty good and proud. I didn’t expect this kind of attention from it, I just hope my daughter enjoys it for future projects.”

That’s what it’s all about: a father and daughter spending time together, bonding over superheros, villains, and galaxies far, far away.


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