Mean Tweets: LGBT Edition

If you’re familiar with or a fan of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, you may be aware of the segment called “Mean Tweets” which features celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves on screen.


The purpose of the segment is to provide a humorous commentary on how ridiculous and mean people on social media can be. decided to do their own version of “Mean Tweets” called, “Mean Tweets: LGBT Edition” to raise awareness about cyber-bullying that occurs every day toward the LGBT community on social media platforms like Twitter.

The video features various members of the LGBT community reading mean or discriminatory tweets and their responses to such tweets. As imagined, many of the tweets are ignorant, rude, and in many cases, don’t make a lot of sense. However, their effect remains the same — they are all harmful to a large group of people who are targeted for the sexual orientation and gender identity that they were born with.

Check out the video below and raise awareness by sharing it with others. It’s our hope that when others see the video they are inspired to make positive changes when it comes to their social media practices.

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