Blog: Keep Pushing & Stay Focused On This Election

By Tom Butts

2016 election

The Next Family has worked hard to show that a family is a family.  The HRC has fought for marriage equality and have won, thanks to the Supreme Courts’ narrow decision.

I think now is the time to keep pushing ahead for our brothers, sisters and questioning friends. 

As a gay man, I am now married to my husband of 15 years Scott, that’s awesome.

What’s missing…hmmm…

Equal pay for my sister, niece and friends for equal work.

A woman’s right to choose.  Yes I realize there are Planned Parenthood buildings all over, but just a few weeks ago a judge required the last place to do abortions to remain open in one of the “Dakotas”.  It’s hard for me to see how many gun shops there are in Texas vs Women’s Clinics.  Both are protected by TSC, which has ruled that owning guns and getting abortions are both rights granted to Americans, but the laws governing each are remarkably different,” Hamby wrote. “Legislators have made lots of ‘extra-constitutional’ laws and regulations about abortion… They’ve worked long and hard to give pharmacists the right to refuse to sell morning-after pills if they don’t want to. If this practice were instituted by every pharmacist in a state, it would effectively make it impossible to buy morning-after pills.” … enough of this rant.

The ACA (or spoken in the SE: O-baaaamaaaceeeear).  I just received my 1095-C in the mail showing how much I’ve paid into the ACA.  $480 for the year, I’ve used none of it fortunately, but only 11% of the US population is not covered (from a high of $18%), this makes me proud.

I guess I’m writing these things down as the GOP has promised to dismantle or destroy the progress made under the Obama Administration.  Lest we forget Cuba and Iran.

This is an important election.  Not telling who I’m voting for, but it’s the party that speaks like adults and doesn’t yell at other people across state.

We’ve got work to do people.  Up to 3 Supreme Court Justices to be named.  Don’t give up the push, we’re getting there, but there’s lots to do!

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