Lesbian Comedian Judy Gold Gets Real About Motherhood

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Scary Mommy is doing a new web series on YouTube which will feature mothers sharing the best and worst parts about being a mom. One of the first mothers they featured was lesbian comedian, Judy Gold.

Gold is absolutely open and hilariously honest about raising her sons with their mother and her current partner. She hates that they play with Nerf balls and incidentally broke a family heirloom and she discusses how “mean” they became during puberty.

Though not all parents would allow their children to watch Family Guy, Gold explains that she did allow her sons to watch such shows so they would understand comedy. She also explains that even though she gets to go on TV or meet celebrities at events, the best moments of her life is when she’s spending it with her sons.

Probably one of Gold’s most poignant statements of the video is when she said, “Ask any child who grew up with a nontraditional parent and ask them what they missed out on and they’ll tell you: nothing.”

We agree!

Check out the hilarious video of one lesbian comedian who gets real about being a mom.

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