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Here’s Why LGBT Foster Care Youth Need Loving Adoptive Parents


Times are changing in the United States. Sometimes the policies in the U.S. can feel slow or backwards at times, but for the most part, things are changing for the LGBT community in great and positive ways. One of those changes: the LGBT community and the foster care system.

Yes, 10 years ago, it was very difficult for same-sex couples to be foster parents and adopt. However, with research and a...

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A Gay Dad’s Adoption Journey: And Then There Were Four

By: Henry Amador-Batten

As I write on this beautiful crisp and sunny March morning, there are two things that I am immediately grateful for, first is the Sun beating on my face though the sitting room window, it’s long overdue and oh so needed and secondly are the sounds of my husband working in the yard as my two sons yell and laugh chasing imaginary butterflies in big green nets.


That’s the...

Henry Amador
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Adopting a Child During the Haitian Earthquake


Mark and Kristen Howerton are part of a family of six. They had two biological children and one adopted child before they tried to adopt Kembert, a child from Haiti.

They met Kembert when he was still an infant in a crib, however, they would not be able to adopt him for another three years. During the process of their adoption, while Kristen was visiting Haiti and taking care of paperwork, the...

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Same-Sex Adoption Wins Big At The Supreme Court

By The Seattle Lesbian


Monday, the United States Supreme Court reversed an Alabama Supreme Court decision refusing to recognize a lesbian mother’s prior adoption of her three children in Georgia. Monday’s summary reversal restores V.L. full rights as an adoptive parent.

“I am overjoyed that the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Alabama court decision,” said the adoptive mother, V.L. “I have been my...

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What Not To Say To Prospective Adoptive Parents. And What To Say Back

By Jillian Lauren


Would you walk up to a pregnant woman and tell her about your friend’s cousin’s daughter whose infant died of a rare disease, offer her the unsolicited tale of your hairdresser’s daughter’s home birth gone wrong, tell her about every mother you know visiting her teenager in rehab, etc.? Would you walk up to a woman expecting a baby and volunteer every horrific possibility...

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Adoption Baby Book: More Room On The Couch

By Jillian Lauren


I’ve been working on Bright Eyes’ life-book lately. I used My Family, My Journeyfor Tariku, and I liked it so much I bought another one. A lifebook is the adoption equivalent of a baby book, but has a more expansive focus, documenting not just milestones but also history. I appreciate this particular template because it holds a space for many different kinds of experiences. I...

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Adoption Agencies Seek Volunteer ‘Cuddlers’ For Newborns


Photo by: Spence-Chapin

A volunteer cuddler? Yes, it is a real thing! And it could probably be one of the most rewarding and sweet volunteer opportunities that you could ever have.

Adoption agencies all over the U.S. are seeking volunteers to provide temporary care to newborns placed for adoption or in foster care as they await adoption. The main job of the temporary caregiver? To cuddle, love,...

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Family-Friendly Films That Feature Adoption and Foster Care


Families and the way they were formed cannot be fit into one tiny box. With that said, we want to see our own types of families in the news, on TV, in pop culture, featured in advertisements, and even in movies.

It’s especially important for children to see themselves and their families featured in things like films. It makes them proud of who they are, where they came from, and their loving...

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Honey Maid Celebrates Love in LGBT, Adoptive Families in New Ad

Though most Valentine’s Day commercials feature loving couples, Honey Maid went a different route this year. They celebrated love, but love that is found through the acceptance of family members in LGBT and adoptive families.

The video is a compilation of home videos showing love between family. There’s the mother who accepts her son’s coming out and another one who tells her trans child that she...

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Two Moms: Amanda and Lisa


The Next Family: How did you two meet? And how did you start your family?

Amanda:Our story is an interesting but certainly not typical one. At the time that I met Lisa, I was living in Connecticut, close to where I had grown up and lived my whole life, sharing an apartment with a friend and her young son. This was my fourth “home” since graduating college and moving out of my parent’s house about...

The Next Family
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Foster Adoption: Things We Never Considered

By Diane Ponist

foster adoption

When becoming a foster parent the mindset you need to have is that these kids might be reunified with their families. I have said many times, the wall has to go up, the preparation needs to be within yourself. As time goes on, a lot of cases do end up changing the goal to adoption. The fact of the matter is most children do end up either staying in the system or are lucky enough...

Diane Ponist
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Spotlight Series: Two Dads Dominic and Anthony

The Next Family: How did you start your family?
Anthony: My husband Dominic and I met in 2005, started dating in 2008, and married in 2012.  We always knew that we wanted to be dads, and for us, adoption was the best way to do that.

The Next Family: How did you two meet?

Anthony: I went to college with my husband’s brother, and he introduced us. We were friends, and then best friends,...

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