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Adoption Agencies Seek Volunteer ‘Cuddlers’ For Newborns


Photo by: Spence-Chapin

A volunteer cuddler? Yes, it is a real thing! And it could probably be one of the most rewarding and sweet volunteer opportunities that you could ever have.

Adoption agencies all over the U.S. are seeking volunteers to provide temporary care to newborns placed for adoption or in foster care as they await adoption. The main job of the temporary caregiver? To cuddle, love,...

The Next Family
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Spotlight Series: Two Moms Amber and Kristen

The Next Family:  How did you meet?
Amber: I moved to Texas in September of 2006 and met Kristen in November through a mutual friend and things just fell into place.  We started dating February 2nd, 2007.
The Next Family:  When did you decide you wanted to have kids?
Amber:At the very beginning of our relationship we talked about having children because that was going to be a deal...
The Next Family
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Spanish Lesbian Couple Sues for Denial of Financially-Assisted IVF

By Alex Temblador


A Spanish lesbian couple, whose names have not been released, went to Fundación Jiménez Diaz, a hospital, to receive IVF treatments under a financial assistance program that Spain’s Ministry of Health had enacted in 2013. The couple was denied financial assistanceon the basis that they didn’t have a male partner, a stipulation of the financial assistance fertility program. Six...

Alexandra Temblador
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‘Where Do Babies Come From?’

By Doug Rigg

Gay Dads: Where do babies come from?

As a man approaching 40 and one of five siblings, it seemed a bit odd when I asked myself that question. But as a gay man considering starting a family with a partner, but without a uterus or the ability to produce eggs, I needed some answers. And having sex with a woman wasn’t one I wanted to hear.

After soul searching and researching and many evenings of deep conversations with my...

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Music for Tots

As parents we all know how difficult it can be to keep track of your child’s bottles, clothes, shoes, lunch bags etc when you are out and about. Mabel’s Labels saves the day. With these handy labels you can be sure you come home with all...

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The Duality of Age

By Meika Rouda

I have been struck by the duality of age recently. On the one side, I am watching my kids get older, and with each day there is something new: an inch to grow, a new word to learn, a bike to ride. On the other side I see my parents aging: saggy skin, muscles that don’t work they way they used to, dying friends. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum, one side ascending and the...

Meika Rouda
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Keep Your Hands Off My Baby!

By: Rosy Barren

mama bear syndrome with a baby

I recently had a baby. She is 3 weeks old. I burst into tears a couple days before she was born. I told my wife that I didn’t know if I could do it. I was afraid that I would get post-partum and do something awful to the baby. I was most afraid that I wouldn’t love her. Several of my friends have suffered some degree of depression with their newborn and I couldn’t bear the thought...

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