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Another Sex Talk With My Daughters…

By: Danny Thomas
It’s no coincidence these things happen when their mother is working, or shopping, or in whatever sense “away”
She rail roads them early on. That might be fear. It might be foresight.
At any rate, much as I am challenged by them I am always glad they happen, and mostly feel like I give good… er… decent answers.
Earlier this month I got a vasectomy. I am...
Danny Thomas
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Parenting: City Life Vs. Simple Life

By: Danny Thomas

A simpler life

On a daily basis,
at least once a day and sometimes
several times..
A horse and cart drives past my house.
It’s a family
And sometimes it’s a lone driver.
Sometimes they are heading in to town
And sometimes out….

This is new and novel for me
And my family
It’s exciting and interesting

Partly, because of it’s newness
But there is more…

On a fundamental level
Our family...

Danny Thomas
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Parenting and The Facts of Life

By: Danny Thomas

strong girl

For many of my generation there is an iconic lyric…
A refrain from a piece of pop culture that has become so universal
And such an influence that the words have taken on the status of a proverb…
I’m sure the sentiment, and versions of the adage go back to the dawn of time.
But for us… those of us raised with T.V. in the ‘80’s…

“You take the good, you take the bad, you take them...

Danny Thomas
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How Moving Homes Can Affect A Family

By: Danny Thomas

from a dad's perspective

it’s good
we need adventures
they keep us vital
keep us alert
keep the devils off our heels.

but I’ll tell you what, this change…
it is finally getting to me.

Last February we found out we were moving from northern Minnesota to upstate New York… I was ecstatic.

I was ecstatic because I saw it as an escape pod.
A chance for a change I desperately needed.
Why did I need a...

Danny Thomas
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A Dad’s Frustration With The Boymom Hashtag

By Danny Thomas


Today, I have somewhat of a rant …

or maybe a concern…
concern is a better word.

here is the source of my consternation:

I have three daughters…
every single one of them
laughs at farts
(so does their mother, but don’t tell her I told you)
and plays in the mud.

All three of them
like comic books
and want to be super heroes and ninjas
and fight bad guys and zombies.

And sometimes...

Danny Thomas
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A Father and Bedtime

By Danny Thomas
487949_10153128667860187_451789761_nits time to write
part of the reason that I have not written recently
is that I have been trying to figure out how to make up for lost time
how to catch the blog up
well it aint gonna happen

here’s the thing

between the new life of working full time at an amazing job,
and having an incredibly busy and wickedly smart toddler,
with two amazingly active and outrageously clever big...

Danny Thomas
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A Dad Dealing With Change

by: Danny Thomas



it’s been way too long since I’ve posted…
I’ve been trying, believe me, I’ve been trying.
it’s a combination of this new life using up all my time and wearing me out,
and the million billion things having this new life makes me want to write about…

but i have been letting these things block me for too long –

I am just going to try let it all out today in any fashion...

Danny Thomas
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A Pat On The Back.

By: Danny Thomas


here I am…
sitting on the end of the bed
with a pile of laundry
over my computer.
Everything is looming right now;
the river,
the future,
the past,
Jennifer and I
are occupying the land of loom…
it seems to happen with us a lot.

oh Christ…
are we those people…

with the drama,
and the constant crises?

we are....

Danny Thomas
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Work and play. Play and work…


By: Danny ThomasIMG_2290I think it’s interesting
and not insignificant
that Jennifer and I
both seem to use the words
“work” and “play”

we are both students of theatre
so that has to be a factor
on some levels,
like many arts,
if you’re doing it right
I think,
is a vocation
largely devoted
to playing.

in my music
and my writing
I work at playing too
and I play at working…...

Danny Thomas
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The Wisdom to Tell the Difference

By Danny Thomas

seaside 2009 084

I sat in the nursery
holding the baby
for what felt like
the fifteenth hour in a row
it was the morning nap…
but I had spent all night in the
and shushing
and holding
and her poor, sore, teething mouth…

getting her down
for the morning nap
had been a relatively painless endeavor
probably due to
the restless
night’s sleep.

but I was still feeling peevish
and my...

Danny Thomas
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Embracing the Rattling Cage

By Danny Thomas


It’s St. Patrick’s Day…
We keep trying to make family traditions
for St. Patrick’s Day,
none of them stick.

In my head
it was always
a big deal with my family
growing up.

We certainly always
ate a special meal.
If not corned beef and cabbage,
then something related.

Sometimes we went to see a film
an irish film
at some art house theatre.
My mom loves foreign films.
And art films.

Danny Thomas
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Relationships Are Like Snowflakes…

By Danny ThomasIMG_0126something that’s been on my mind
as a parent lately…
as my third baby turns one…
and the others plug along
and go through
all the things a first grader
and pre-schooler
should go through,
is how different each one of them is,
and how different each of our relationships is…
and I know
it shouldn’t be a surprise.

everyone tells you each kid is different.
and everyone talks about...

Danny Thomas
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