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SAHM: The Fair Market Value of My Sanity

By Natalie A. Sullivan


My son is eleven months now.  I was rifling through some paperwork today, and I found this. It was written when he was 3 ½ months old:

A friend recommended her. She only stands about 5 foot 4, but she is the firm root of my newfound sanity. I’ve been caring full-time for my son since he was born three and a half months ago. My beloved husband was home with us for the first...

The Next Family
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My Worst Nightmare: The Daycare Lost My Child

By Wendy Rhein

I didn’t blog last week. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, that rarely is the case. I always have something to say. It was something else. Trust me, I had a very good reason.

Last Monday I went to pick up my 2-year-old from daycare and he wasn’t there.

Every parent’s worst nightmare. Somehow, my baby and three of his two-year-old classmates had gotten out of a...

Wendy Rhein
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Nanny? Or Daycare?

By: Stacey Ellis

daycare or nanny?

The phone rang at 5:45 AM. It was our nanny calling in sick for the fifth, yes fifth, time in two weeks. When we decided up to adopt, we started visiting daycares knowing that we would both be working parents. At the time I worked at a TV/movie studio which had an amazing daycare managed by Bright Horizons. We checked out other Bright Horizon-managed daycares and all of them were...

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