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Mom Starts #BreatheFire Parenting Movement with Anna Duggar Facebook Post

By Alex Temblador
breathe fire meme

Jessica Kirkland is not a name you might recognize. She’s a mother of two daughters from Georgia, but more importantly in a Facebook post she wrote about Anna Duggar, she inadvertently started a parenting movement in regards to raising daughters with the rally cry, #BreatheFire.

For those who may not know, Josh Duggar, is the oldest son of the Duggar family from 19 Kids and...

The Next Family
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The Baltimore Riots Are About Rage, Oppression And Dominance.

By Carol Rood
Baltimore riots

At approximately 8 am on the morning of April 12, a man named Freddie Gray was arrested by two Baltimore Police officers. He was placed into a police van, and although witnesses say he asked for help because he couldn’t breathe, he didn’t receive any medical help. The police van made 4 stops while driving to the station to book Freddie. When the van arrived at the police station at...

Carol Rood
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A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Rose McGowan on Lessons Learned

By Rob Watson

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan’s opinions have been all over social media the past few weeks. She started in an interview with a now infamous diss that gay men are “more misogynistic than hetero men”.

She then “apologized”. In the Huffington Post, she writes, “Where does it say that because of a man’s sexual preference, I don’t get to point out character defects? When equal pay for women was voted...

Rob Watson
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A Bitchy Shrill Dyke’s Celebration of Her-story Month

By Sheana Ochoa


Recently, I picked up a book on the subject of biography. I’ve been writing a biography on Stella Adler, the first lady of modern day acting, for over a decade and was reminded how men have by and large been the writer’s of history (history). As far back as Xenophon writing about Socrates, men write about the lives of great men, although more recently women have also begun writing...

Sheana Ochoa
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Choices and Judgments

By: Lisa Regula Meyer

I recently had another hair battle with my son, and this one ended in an unexpected way. His long hair gets tangled easily, as mine did when I was a child, and he enjoys dealing with those tangles about as much as I did. Honestly, I had expected the end result of this fight a while back, when he started being teased. After enough of a fight, I finally blurted out “I’m either...

Lisa Regula
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A Few Things Have Just Been Hitting Me Over the Head, Gender Wise…

By: Danny Thomas


Even before I had kids I was angry at the world, or more specifically humans.

I mean, I have a sense of humor

And I can see the light and joy in a lot of things.

I can even see the bittersweet beauty in things that are heartbreakingly sad

This is humanity.

But sometimes the anger and frustration I feel
As a father, and as a father of daughters
Makes the anger I felt toward...

Danny Thomas
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