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A Different Kind of Crazy

By: Lex Jacobson

When you mix mental health issues with fertility hormone treatments, sometimes you get a bit of a mess, which equals me. I imagine hormone treatments to get pregnant aren’t nice for anyone who has to do it, but I really feel as though it’s poking at old wounds. Crazy wounds.

I really wanted to make an omelet the other day, so chopped up some onion, garlic, bell peppers, and...

Lex Jacobson
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Getting Back In The Game

By: Heather Somaini

I was on a flight to France last Friday and even as you read this, I’m still not home. As our plane headed out over the dark ocean and then turned back, revealing our City of Angels with city lights as far as you can see, I became dreamy and wistful of happy endings like in the movies. They always resolve everything in two hours and everyone is where they’re supposed to be...

The Next Family
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