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Gay Dad Tells Off the Mormon Church: Leave Our Kids Alone

By Rob Watson

It is not news that LGBT folks have suffered abuse and atrocities at the hands of organized religion. From independent Christian Churches who have literally threatened to kill or exile us, to the Catholic Church who for years declared us “intrinsically disordered”, we thought we had heard it all.

That was before the Mormon Church decided to go after our kids.

They have added this to...

Rob Watson
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Why I Write as a “Gay” Dad


Why Do I write as a "gay" dad

I did not intend to write about this topic.  A friend of mine, Henry Amador, blogger and founder of Dadsquared, addressed it in a piece called “The Battle Cry of the Gay Dad” for The Next Family.  He captured the essence of the extra effort those of us who are gay dads have gone through to become fathers.  He said, in part:

“Only now we too are grown. We finally fit into our skins. We have...

Rob Watson
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