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Dads-To-Be: Big Changes and Long Goodbyes

By Stephen & Adam Podowitz-Thomas
How do you leave a place that feels like home and wish farewell to everyone you love there? How do you accept altering a dream that you’ve harbored for years? What does it mean to make such a dramatic change while in the process of trying to adopt?
Adam Stephen Adopt
Stephen and I are about to find out. We’re moving across country to Raleigh, North Carolina, giving up on our...
Stephen Podowitz
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Two Moms and the Big Move

By: Brandy Black

I’m sitting in the living room of our new home next to the window that overlooks our tree-lined street and even among the boxes I feel a sense of calm.  It’s different than that of my last blog –a safe, quiet, simple suburbia kind of calm. 

I have fought “the burbs” since we began the discussions of marriage and children. I love the city, I love the buzz, I love being “hip” even...

The Next Family
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What’s Going On Around Here?

By: Danny Thomas

On Moving

I can’t…

My world is chaos.

This house….

I was remarking today, that it’s a good thing we picked the summertime to move…

I feel mostly good in the summer.

It’s good to be bolstered or buoyed by that…

Because moving this time…

This change is so big.

Such an emotional rollercoaster.

So many beautiful wonderful people.





Why the hell is this 20...

The Next Family
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Moving In

By: Tosha Woronov

I haven’t written in three weeks. Not writing is, for me, akin to not exercising, which I’m not doing either. I am guilty, and weak, too lazy to arrange my scattered thoughts in any succinct way (case in point). And, like avoiding the treadmill for too long, it’s almost impossible to get back on track.

In my defense, I’ve had a lot going on. We just moved. It sucked, as it...

The Next Family
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