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Modern Fitness For the Modern Parent


Originally published on The Seattle Lesbian

By Laura King

Life can get busy. With work, kids, family commitments, friends, chores, and the general chaos of everyday life, it can be near impossible at times to sit down for a cup of tea, let alone squeeze in an hour of exercise regularly. However, all things are possible if you set your mind to them. Those that prioritize their fitness nearly...

The Next Family
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Lesbian Moms: What Do Your Kids Call You?


In their latest YouTube video, Brandy and Susan of The Next Family discussed an important aspect of same-sex parenting: what kids call their parents.

They begin by sharing their own personal story of trying to name themselves as “Mama B” and “Mama S” and then quickly realized how difficult that would be for kids. It then turned to “Mama” and “Mom,” only to once again be changed to “Mama” and...

The Next Family
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Watch: A Parent’s Nightmare at 5AM

By Brandy Black

Have you ever had an issue with a toy that just wouldn’t stop talking or hearing a sound in your house that you can’t quite place? Here’s what happened to us at 5AM when we thought animals were being attacked outside of our house.

The post Watch: A Parent’s Nightmare at 5AM appeared first on The Next Family.

The Next Family
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18 Easy Ways To Raise Feminist Boys

By Joanna Shroeder


Do parents intend to raise sons who will grow up to be sexists or harm women? Of course not! Most parents hold their little baby boy in their arms and dream of all the good he might do for the world.

But we can’t rely only upon our own dreams to help our boys grow into good men. After all, everywhere they look in society will be examples of how not to be a good man. They’ll see...

The Next Family
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Dad Makes Awesome Stormtrooper Costume For His Star Wars Loving Daughter


Father Jim Brock saw an online post last year that showed people how to make a Stormtrooper costume out of a children’s toy sold at Walmart. As a guy who’d made his own pretty awesome costumes in the past, he decided to try out the article and make this Stormtrooper costume for his daughter who just so happens to love Kylo Ren.

Four-year-old Autumn was pretty excited about the idea, but she had...

The Next Family
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New Lego Set Features a Modern Family and Diversity

Lego figurines, including one in a wheelchair are pictured at the Lego booth on January 28, 2016 in Nuernberg during the 67th International Toy Fair. / AFP / dpa / Daniel Karmann / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read DANIEL KARMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

We are proud to announce that Lego has introduced more diversity to their famous toys.

A new line of Legos, Lego City Line, now features a boy in a wheelchair, plus a family with a stay-at-home dad, a working mother, and their Lego baby. The figurine in the wheelchair also comes with a service dog too!

Soren Torp Laursen, president of LEGO Systems, explained to Fortunewhy Lego moved forward with...

The Next Family
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WATCH: Two Moms Come Out On Their Honeymoon

By Brandy Black

Coming out doesn’t just happen once, it is sometimes a daily occurrence for gay parents in particular.  In this video we talk about our vow to be honest about who we are to everyone.  It all began with our honeymoon.

The post WATCH: Two Moms Come Out On Their Honeymoon appeared first on The Next Family.

The Next Family
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Family-Friendly Films That Feature Adoption and Foster Care


Families and the way they were formed cannot be fit into one tiny box. With that said, we want to see our own types of families in the news, on TV, in pop culture, featured in advertisements, and even in movies.

It’s especially important for children to see themselves and their families featured in things like films. It makes them proud of who they are, where they came from, and their loving...

The Next Family
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Fun Ways to Share Black History Month With Your Kids (And Why You Should)

The problem with Black History Month is that only a portion of Americans think that it applies to them. That’s incorrect. Black History Month is the history of African Americans in the United States – that part of history is the history of all Americans. Though we may not have lived during slavery or even the Civil Rights movement, those events in history have made our society what it is today. It...

The Next Family
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Another Sex Talk With My Daughters…

By: Danny Thomas
It’s no coincidence these things happen when their mother is working, or shopping, or in whatever sense “away”
She rail roads them early on. That might be fear. It might be foresight.
At any rate, much as I am challenged by them I am always glad they happen, and mostly feel like I give good… er… decent answers.
Earlier this month I got a vasectomy. I am...
Danny Thomas
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Massive Mom Fail

By Jillian Lauren

Mom Fail

Does that look like a photo of a terrible mother to you?

Friends, I yelled at my kids so badly yesterday. I was a monster.

Oh, come on, you say. You’re exaggerating. Everyone yells. You were probably just like, Stop sticking pins in the dog! Or, Stop dangling your brother over the edge of that cliff!

Or some other totally justifiable yelling thing.

Nope. What I said was...

The Next Family
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Parenting Hacks: Dining Out With Kids

By Alex Temblador

Any parent with children understands that taking children out to eat can sometimes be an entire event in itself, so the moms at The Next Family decided to help you out.

In their new YouTube video, “Parenting Hacks: Dining Out With Kids,” Brandy Black and Susan Howard take their three children out to eat and provide parents with some interesting and silly ways to keep children...

The Next Family
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