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Blog: Keep Pushing & Stay Focused On This Election

By Tom Butts

2016 election

The Next Family has worked hard to show that a family is a family.  The HRC has fought for marriage equality and have won, thanks to the Supreme Courts’ narrow decision.

I think now is the time to keep pushing ahead for our brothers, sisters and questioning friends. 

As a gay man, I am now married to my husband of 15 years Scott, that’s awesome.

What’s missing…hmmm…

Equal pay for my...

The Next Family
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An Open Letter to Joe Biden

By: Shannon Ralph


Dear Vice President Biden,

I love you! I love you!

Wow. That was not how I intended to start this letter. My intention was to write a serious letter expressing my sincere regards for your tireless and admirable work as our vice president over the last seven years. The “I love you” just slipped out. As a self-avowed lesbian, legally married to the love of my life, please know...

S Ralph
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Hillary Clinton Outlines LGBT Commitment in New Brief

By The Seattle Lesbian 


Clinton LGBT Campaign Photo
Clinton LGBT Campaign Photo

Thanks to the hard work of generations of LGBT advocates and activists who fought to make it possible, our country won a landmark victory this past June when the Supreme Court recognized that in America, under our Constitution, LGBT couples, like everyone else, have the right to marry the person they...

The Next Family
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Obama: ‘I’m Hopeful the Supreme Court Comes to the Right Decision’ on Marriage Equality


Following his up-tempo State of the Union address Tuesday, President Barack Obama is putting his money where his mouth is regarding LGBT rights in America.

In a meeting Thursday at The White House, Obama said: “I will tell you peoples’ hearts have opened up on this issue. I think people know that treating folks unfairly, even if you disagree with their lifestyle choice, the fact of the matter is...

The Next Family
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An Open Letter to My Heterosexual Family and Friends on National Coming Out Day

By Rob Watson
open letter to heterosexuals on NCOD

October 11 is National Coming Out Day. I know this does not mean a lot to most of you, nor should it.

You have been able to take for granted that you could be who you are, and you have been able to take that for granted your entire life. Sure, you have had secrets and have revealed or kept them, some of them big harsh secrets. The majority of you have not had the world tell you to...

Rob Watson
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Voting for Marriage Equality Does Not Endager Re-Election



A new report from Third Way finds that voters largely do notpunish lawmakers for voting for marriage equality, regardless of political party. The study analyzed lawmakers in Washington and New York, the only two states where elected officials have faced re-election after addressing the issue of same-sex marriage. Of those who supported the freedom to marry, 97 percent of them who ran again won...

The Next Family
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How Sequestration Will Affect My Family

By Carol Rood


I tend to lean towards the left as to social issues, and tend to lean more towards the right with fiscal issues, but right now I am leaning towards disgust with both sides.

I am not extremely politically savvy. I don’t understand all of the subtle nuances of the budget, debt ceiling, deficit reduction etc. I read about it, but to be honest it seems to me there is a lack of...

Carol Rood
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US and Education: Priority Number One

By Lisa Regula Meyer



I’ll admit to a feeling of consternation ever since last week, when the reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union Address started to come out. The speech itself didn’t really strike much of a cord in me. There were plenty of ideas that I agreed with, but the plans didn’t seem very solid, and there was less talk of current situations than I had expected; overall it...

Lisa Regula
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Remaining: 961

By: Tom Butts

That number could be looked at a few ways; it could be seen as how many more remaining delegates there are in the Republican Primary.  It could also be seen as a countdown clock as to how much more time we have until we see the “ugliest” Presidential Election in years.

It seems clear to me, as a Democrat, that we need to stick with the facts and tell the story about the day a new...

The Next Family
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Embrace Your Inner Obamacare

By: Tom Butts

When I get an opportunity to write I find myself “blocked” -mostly because there are so many things going through my head at any given time.

Today is no different.

One issue getting attention as it goes to the Supreme Court is Obamacare (as it’s labeled by most conservatives). Personally, I think they could have been a bit more clever in coming up with a better name, but it’s the...

The Next Family
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“God Bless America”

By: Tom Butts

I was listening today as Rick Perry dropped his nomination for President of the United States. As I listened I kept noticing that it sounded much more like a sermon than a leader bowing out of a campaign. Normally I would have turned off the “noise” but kept listening. His words were a combination of secular sentences and Bible quotes.

Now I’m writing this as a person who truly...

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Nice Day For A White Wedding?

By: Tom Butts


It’s unfortunate, but airlines aren’t the only thing affected by a big snow storm.  The so called “Snow Storm of the Century” could also delay Congress weighing in on DC’s decision to make gay marriage legal.  How do these two topics even relate you ask??

Well, by law Congress has 30 legislative days to review all laws signed by the DC Mayor (Adrian Fenty – in case you’re thinking...

The Next Family
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