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Ricky Martin: Single Dad, Singer, and All-Around Guy

By Alex Temblador

Ricky Martin

Single fathers are making waves across the United States and should be celebrated for their achievements and hard work in raising their children and there is not one that is more deserving of praise then Ricky Martin. A little over a year ago singer, Ricky Martin and his then partner Carlos Gonzalezsplit. Since then, Ricky Martin has been focusing on the most important things in...

Alexandra Temblador
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Ricky Martin: ‘I Wish I Could Come Out Again’


If Ricky Martin could do one thing over, he would come out again.

Martin, 42, didn’t come out until 2010, a decade after his hits like “She Bangs” and “She’s All I Ever Had” made him a worldwide superstar.

“It felt amazing,” he said on KIIS FM. “I wish I could come out again because that moment felt very blissful.”

Martin said he received tons of love and support.

“It really feels amazing...

The Next Family
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Celeb Parent Tweets of the Week

By Jacob Ladue

Here are a collection of tweets and twitpics you might have missed through out the last couple weeks from your favorite celebrity LGBT and single parents. Among them: Alec Mapa fell asleep during Thor, Jillian Michaels’ kid really had to go to the bathroom, and Ricky Martin promoted his new children’s book!

The Next Family
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