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What Twins Do When Big Sister Is Not Home

By: Amber Leventry


Sometimes when my partner and oldest daughter leave for work and preschool each morning, I wish I was the one leaving the house to go to a job without twin toddlers as bosses. Staying home full-time with my boys can be really hard and lonely. For the most part, it’s not so bad. We have a rhythm that is different than on weekend days. I am a bit—um, controlling—so we also have a...

Amber Leventry
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Not Just Another Stay At Home Mom Blog Post

By Amber LeventryAmber SAHM

“This is Not Just Another Blog Post About Being a Stay At Home Mom, This is About Sweating and Knowing Your Audience”

Being a SAHM isn’t just a hard job, it’s a job that is known by its acronym alone. It’s feared and loved by many. It’s an athletic featand a test of endurance. It’s about knowing your audience, sweating, and speaking a foreign language. You must outwit, outlast,...

The Next Family
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SAHM: The Fair Market Value of My Sanity

By Natalie A. Sullivan


My son is eleven months now.  I was rifling through some paperwork today, and I found this. It was written when he was 3 ½ months old:

A friend recommended her. She only stands about 5 foot 4, but she is the firm root of my newfound sanity. I’ve been caring full-time for my son since he was born three and a half months ago. My beloved husband was home with us for the first...

The Next Family
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