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The Art of Coming Out on YouTube

Coming Out on YouTube

By Alex Temblador

Coming out. We all know what that phrase means. We don’t wonder if someone is “coming out of the bathroom” or if a debutante is “coming out to society” at a ball. “Coming out” is indicative of revealing one’s gay or bisexual sexual orientation to family, friends, the world, and most importantly, to oneself. However, in the past ten years, a new trend with coming out has...

Alexandra Temblador
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Video Shows That LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace is Real

LGBT workplace discrimination

By Alex Temblador

LGBT discrimination occurs in many areas of life. With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S., the LGBT rights movement is looking in a new direction: laws that protect the LGBT community from discrimination in the workplace, medical, housing, and in public spaes. We’ve all heard a story about LGBT discrimination occurring in the workplace. However, how many of...

The Next Family
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