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Maintaining My Identity While Being A Stay At Home Mom

By: Amber Leventry

Stay At Home Mom

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I am sitting in the lobby of a ballet studio as my four year old daughter takes her weekly lesson. My partner and I alternate weeks when taking her so we each have a turn at 45 minutes of kid-free time. Forty-five minutes, every other week. When you become a parent, time changes; it becomes more than a system used to maintain a daily schedule. It...

Amber Leventry
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Working Mom Jargon 101

By: Shannon Ralph

juggling everything

As a working mom, I often find myself torn between two very different cultures—the corporate culture and the mommy culture. I am a participant in both, but I don’t really seem to entirely fit in with either.

When I am at work, I find myself feeling out of touch with my childless coworkers who breeze in at 7:30AM, impeccably dressed, hair perfectly coiffed, nursing a $5 latte....

S Ralph
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Not Just Another Stay At Home Mom Blog Post

By Amber LeventryAmber SAHM

“This is Not Just Another Blog Post About Being a Stay At Home Mom, This is About Sweating and Knowing Your Audience”

Being a SAHM isn’t just a hard job, it’s a job that is known by its acronym alone. It’s feared and loved by many. It’s an athletic featand a test of endurance. It’s about knowing your audience, sweating, and speaking a foreign language. You must outwit, outlast,...

The Next Family
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By Meika Rouda


I haven’t been writing much this year. A slow spell of overwhelm came over me and I found it hard to muster the energy to write. It felt selfish of me, a purely indulgent act when so many other things needed to get done. First off are the kids, they need, well, everything. Food made, butts wiped, shoe laces tied, booboo’s kissed, nightmares scared off, hugs and kisses and books...

Meika Rouda
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SAHM: The Fair Market Value of My Sanity

By Natalie A. Sullivan


My son is eleven months now.  I was rifling through some paperwork today, and I found this. It was written when he was 3 ½ months old:

A friend recommended her. She only stands about 5 foot 4, but she is the firm root of my newfound sanity. I’ve been caring full-time for my son since he was born three and a half months ago. My beloved husband was home with us for the first...

The Next Family
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Working Mom v. Stay-At-Home Mom

By Rosy Barren

A colleague recently told me that she just couldn’t imagine how hard it must be for me to put trust in my nanny while I’m at work. “I just don’t know how you do it,” she said. She’s pregnant and will have the luxury of staying at home. Her judgments have begun. Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, as moms we judge and are judged. I’m tired of being judged but I will never stop...

The Next Family
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