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A Birthday Confession

By Brandy Black

I’m hitting a pretty big milestone this year. I remember my mom’s “Over the Hill” party and it was major. Now here I go blazing into 40. Honestly I think it hit me more when my wife turned 40; I was depressed for the both of us. I felt like life was over, our aches and pains would begin and our “hottie” years would end. I actually put Susan into a depression. I couldn’t shut up...

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Know Thyself

By: Shannon Ralph

As I sit on the precipice of my 40th year, I am finding myself becoming a bit more reflective. More thoughtful. I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin and better aware of who I am as a person. What I enjoy. What I value. What I know to be true. Today, I present to you a list.

15 Things I Know About Myself at Age 39 ¾:

  1. Chances are slim that I will ever be an athlete. And...
S Ralph
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