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The Right Mom

By Ann Brown/Parenting Consultant

dear mom

My mom hasn’t been well lately.

She’s getting better, but it’s been scary so I went to LA to be with her. I did a lot of cooking (nutrition for her, therapy for me) and a lot of asking her if she needed anything (mostly, she didn’t). At moments, I felt like I was home with my babies again – fashioning my day around her needs, tiptoeing around when she was...

The Next Family
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Another Sex Talk With My Daughters…

By: Danny Thomas
It’s no coincidence these things happen when their mother is working, or shopping, or in whatever sense “away”
She rail roads them early on. That might be fear. It might be foresight.
At any rate, much as I am challenged by them I am always glad they happen, and mostly feel like I give good… er… decent answers.
Earlier this month I got a vasectomy. I am...
Danny Thomas
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Man Down! A Gay Dad Wants To Wave His White Flag

By Henry Amador


Tired, irritated, angry, distant, envious, tired, overwhelmed, tired, judgmental, did I say tired?

These are some of the ways I have been feeling lately and that really has me feeling, well… tired, irritated, angry, distant, envious, overwhelmed, judgmental and tired, really tired.

I was recently featured in an article on Buzzfeed about how dads balance work and family.

Henry Amador
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8 Things These Gay Dads Don’t Want To Hear

By Henry Amador

8 things dads don't want to hear


1. When are you going to tell him he’s adopted and how do you think he’ll take the news?

We’re not, we are planning on waiting until he is either eighteen or just senses that he’s different to SURPRISE him with the news. Adoption is not a bad word, we have used the term since he was born. Firstly we are two men, as soon as the birds and the bees fly into our home he might start...

Henry Amador
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Parenting: City Life Vs. Simple Life

By: Danny Thomas

A simpler life

On a daily basis,
at least once a day and sometimes
several times..
A horse and cart drives past my house.
It’s a family
And sometimes it’s a lone driver.
Sometimes they are heading in to town
And sometimes out….

This is new and novel for me
And my family
It’s exciting and interesting

Partly, because of it’s newness
But there is more…

On a fundamental level
Our family...

Danny Thomas
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Parenting and The Facts of Life

By: Danny Thomas

strong girl

For many of my generation there is an iconic lyric…
A refrain from a piece of pop culture that has become so universal
And such an influence that the words have taken on the status of a proverb…
I’m sure the sentiment, and versions of the adage go back to the dawn of time.
But for us… those of us raised with T.V. in the ‘80’s…

“You take the good, you take the bad, you take them...

Danny Thomas
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How Moving Homes Can Affect A Family

By: Danny Thomas

from a dad's perspective

it’s good
we need adventures
they keep us vital
keep us alert
keep the devils off our heels.

but I’ll tell you what, this change…
it is finally getting to me.

Last February we found out we were moving from northern Minnesota to upstate New York… I was ecstatic.

I was ecstatic because I saw it as an escape pod.
A chance for a change I desperately needed.
Why did I need a...

Danny Thomas
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On The Road (To Gay Daddyhood) Again! Part Two, Shaking the Gays Away.


By Henry Amador:

So we began our MAPP classes this past August 26th, 2014.
MAPP being the State-required class to license as a Foster or Adoptive parent, Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting.

In part one I shared how my husband and I were a part of a very special group when we licensed in our old home State of Florida.
We were a part of the State’s first all (openly) gay and lesbian.


Henry Amador
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A Dad’s Frustration With The Boymom Hashtag

By Danny Thomas


Today, I have somewhat of a rant …

or maybe a concern…
concern is a better word.

here is the source of my consternation:

I have three daughters…
every single one of them
laughs at farts
(so does their mother, but don’t tell her I told you)
and plays in the mud.

All three of them
like comic books
and want to be super heroes and ninjas
and fight bad guys and zombies.

And sometimes...

Danny Thomas
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Middle School Run

by Tanya Ward Goodman

spelling bee

I ran in the Jog-a-Thon at my son’s school this morning for a bunch of reasons. I ran because this is the first year in a while that I’ve had two kids at two different schools and the boy’s school is getting the short end of the volunteer stick. I ran because the boy didn’t get any pledges on his fundraising card and I didn’t make any effort to help. I ran because he asked...

Tanya Ward Goodman
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The Bumpy Road


oh you know…

it’s like this…

here is the path i took to sitting down to write this blog


i put the toddler in her bed

moved the kindergartener from our bed to hers

checked on the suffering of the insufferable 8 year old

and flopped down next to my wife…

who was more exhausted than me

having spent the weekend casting

Much Ado About Nothing…

in addition to the usual stuff…

Danny Thomas
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Halloween with the Red Van Raiders

by Tanya Ward Goodman


I was in third grade and it was Halloween. A bunch of people had gathered at our house to eat and drink before heading out to trick-or-treat. My mother was dressed as a gypsy fortune-teller. She swirled around the house in satin skirts and a patchwork vest, dispensing red wine out of a big green jug. My father took one of his sign-painting brushes and painted “5¢” on the...

Tanya Ward Goodman
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