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In the Great Vaccine Debate, Parents’ Fears Should be Respected

By Mark A. Largent / Take Part

Vaccines, once the savior of an entire generation, have become a hotly contested issue in American culture, and fears that they might cause autism have dominated parents’ discussions about vaccines for more than a decade.

Parents of as many as one in 10 children refuse to vaccinate their children with a state-mandated vaccine, and more than a third of American...

The Next Family
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Two-Month Check-up

By: Kerrie Olejarz



We had been home for a few weeks and it was time for Cailyn’s two-month check up at the doctor. We chose to stay with our family doctor and avoid a pediatrician unless absolutely necessary. We are fortunate that our family doctor does infant care, and that we really like her. I was excited to see Cailyn’s weight and length gains, but petrified of following through on...

Kerrie Olejarz
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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

By: Heather Somaini

When our twins were born, vaccines were very controversial. We were obsessed and worried that anything we did could hurt our precious little babies. We heard about some of the claims that certain vaccines cause autism in children. We even watched an episode of Oprah that completely freaked us out. How could we possibly do anything that could harm our kids later? It killed me...

The Next Family
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