Some gays and lesbians denied the fact that they had some measure of hatred to each other while some admit that truly their relationship with their fellow lesbian or gay doesn’t go smoothly. One of the lesbians whose name will not be disclose remarked that “they started [the gay], we were gonna fight and we are gonna end it”. This statement shows that even they themselves are aware of hatred or dislike that existed between the two groups.

While this might not be applicable to all gay – lesbian relationship, this may be the reason why many denied the fact that there is no such experience or hatred that existed between them, it is a matter of personal orientation about individual’s sexual identity.

There are some gay men that have had an awesome relationship with lesbians because they choose to not be resentful, and there are some gays that actually don’t get along well with lesbians. Wherever they spot a lesbian or group of lesbians, the hatred just pop into their mind, vis – à –vis the lesbians to the gays also.

The question is why are there this kind of reactions to each homosexual group?

Opinions are many on what could have caused the arousal of such kind of reaction from both groups and it becomes very difficult to ascertain that this is the exact reasons that brought about this reaction. However, one of the major reasons why such kind of reaction is being exude by both the gays and the lesbians is pride. It actually comes from the gay side.

This is due to the wrong perception among the gays that the lesbians see themselves as a man. Since gay and lesbian relationship is just like the heterosexual relationship that involves two partner – one male and the other female – just that in the former both are of the same sex, the gays thought since two female are required to complete a lesbian relationship that those females now pictured themselves as men; i.e. equating themselves to men.

While the gays do not have any strife or discord with lesbians that uses lipstick – they look more feminine to the gays – they extremely detest those lesbians who tends to act or dress like a man. The pride that the lesbian doesn’t have what it takes to keep the ins and outs of the relationship at its best does make the gay men not to associate with the lesbians.

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