Our history is about making you feel beautiful. In 1969, we were commissioned by Cartier to make the replica of the most extravagant diamond jewelry piece ever made. We thought nothing could make Elizabeth Taylor more beautiful, but we were wrong. The famous 69.42 carat diamond which Richard Burton used to court Elizabeth Taylor remains legendary. Going in to the future we decided to feature real lab grown diamonds instead of the simulated diamonds we used before.

Diamonair is 100% green. In certain countries diamonds from mines are used to finance regional wars. Many governments, including the United States, have tried to prevent these “blood diamonds” from entering the supply stream. Diamonair Lab grown diamond can now 100% guarantee with absolute certainty that your diamond is conflict free.

Diamonair lab grown or genuine? Even experts can't tell. The main difference between natural diamonds and Diamonair lab grown diamonds is PRICE. Every Diamonair lab grown diamond compares in brilliance to the finest blue-white diamond. The Diamonair lab grown diamond is cut and polished like every diamond, with a full 58 facets, radiating the complete color spectrum. The lab grown diamond is identical in all aspects to a natural diamond. 


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Diamonair Gold Double Row Pendant with Chain
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Diamonair Gold Earrings
Diamonair Gold Pendant with Chain
Diamonair Gold Circle Ring
Diamonair Gold Circle Pendant with Chain
Diamonair Gold Flower Ring
Diamonair Gold Flower Earrings
Diamonair Gold Flower Pendant with Chain
Diamonair Gold Round Ring
Diamonair Gold Round Earrings
Diamonair Gold Round Pendant with Chain
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