F R A G R A N C E  F O R  A L L

...because all are created equal


The scents concept is to embrace a balance between both male and female characteristics, as well as promoting equality and unity within our society.

It not only identifies specifically with the LGBT community, but also with those who value fairness, opportunity and dignity for all citizens.

 Part of the inspiration behind the new fragrance is to help shed light on the current dialogue and progress surrounding the "Campaign for Marriage Equality."

EQUALITY FRAGRANCE FOR ALL is not a scent, it's a Philosophy of Life...because all are created equal.  The fragrance falls into the “Fragrance Family” category known as “Chypre”.


Chypre (say it ‘sheep-r’) The first ‘Chypre’ was a fragrance of the same name, unveiled by Coty in 1917 (‘Chypre’ is actually French for cypress).  It pioneered an entire category of classic, timeless fragrances: rich, often complicated, inclucing fresh citrus notes and warm, woody-oakmoss elements;   patchouli’s a particularly widely used ingredient in this family.


Top Notes Orange, Lemon & Cardamom

Mid Notes  Rosemary, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Rose

Base Notes Musk, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Rosemoss and Pheromones


EQUALITY FRAGRANCE FOR ALL…certainly does last and that's because no purified water has been added, it is 30% perfume oil.